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wilson's beach bar - castaway resort rarotonga



Let me see...How to enjoy an Island getaway...Fantastic location...checkLovely weather...checkHappy hour drinks on the beach on a lounger watching the sunset...checkDelicious Yakitori skewers yummm...checkGreat hosts, friendly staff, excellent service...checkMeet and chat with guests and locals...checkLive music...checkBit of a boogie...check What a great little bar named after Tom Hanks 'companion' - Wilson - from the movie Castaway. Can be found by entering through the Castaway resort or by wandering up the beach. Yes ticked all the boxes for us - Thanks Wilson's!


Admittedly, I know of this place because I stayed at Castaway Resort, but this was a fun place. Located right next to the ocean, the people are friendly and the atmosphere is great. One thing I noticed about this place on the island was that there were people from all over the island, both tourists and locals, stopping off here. If you're looking for a good time and affordable drinks, this is a good spot.


For us, this was our favourite bar and dinner. We met “Wilson”, not the actual one from the movie Castaway. Our cocktails were nice and potent, as they should be. The food was also very nice and just the right amount. We sipped the cocktails, felt the sand between our toes and watched a glorious sunset.Paul, the owner is friendly and helpful with going through the portfolio of cocktails and food available. We would come here again and may even look to stay at the complex and try the upper bar for dining as well.


Fantastic location. Watched the sun go down while eating really tasty yakatori. Good selection of kids meals.


We enjoyed a drink here twice during our recent visit to Rarotonga. Amazing setting. The perfect place to be to see the sunset. Service great also.


Experienced the most amazing sunset while sipping a drink with feet in the sand. A good value Happy Hour is available. Sampled the BBQ buffet and kebabs which were very good. No hesitation in recommending a visit for a drink or a meal.


Happy hour - had a lovely welcome from the host. Great cocktails. A wonderful place to watch the sunset.


Wilson's Beach Bar, is absolutely beautiful, it has some of the best views of the sunset on the island and the seating area is comfortable and the layout is great. The staff are very friendly and offer great service. The cocktail selection is very good as well. I would highly recommend this place if you are wanting a nice relaxing evening with a great atmosphere.


Great view of the sunset whilst having one of many cocktail choices. Amazing staff I spent majority of my stay at Wilson's beach bar never missed one happy hour! live music what more could one want. This is a must go place if you find yourself in Rarotonga don't miss out!


Ahhhh Wilsons Beach Bar! Just thinking about that place takes me back. We have been lucky enough to stay at Castaway Resort 4 times now. Wilsons Beach Bar is just one of the many attractions of this little boutique resort. So many things make this place special. At the risk of sounding like I have a drinking problem, Wilsons Beach Bar from 3 till whenever was something my husband and I looked forward to everyday. Meeting up with the other guests, and visitors was a highlight. The bar staff are friendly and happy to do anything they can to ensure your experience at “Wilsons” is a good one. The range of drinks and cocktails will keep you going back for more. Another highlight was being able to sit down and have a natter with the wonderful hosts, Paul and Michelle, and meet up with some of the great local people, who are so warm and friendly. Thank goodness for Wilson’s Beach Bar! We can’t wait to get back there soon.


We have now stayed at Castaway four times. It is a superb placed on this fantastic island. Wilson' beach bar opened just over a year ago. It has added to the attraction of Castaway so much. The views are stunning. I was lucky enough last year to see a whale breach not far off the reef. The bar itself offers a great range of drinks and you can order dinner at this bar which they bring down to you. The food is excellent as is the service. The staff go out of their way to serve you and are always friendly and willing to hear what you did during the day. The owner, Paul and Michelle can't do enough to make your holiday an outstanding success. Can't wait to get back to Castaway and Wilson's Beach bar.


Wilson's is an awesome spot for happy hour cocktails and kebabs. We stopped here a few times to enjoy the sunset in a beautiful relaxed setting. The staff were really friendly and helpful. Go, you won't be dissapointed.


When you enter onto the beach the sunset view is beautiful, and the waitress was lovely but unfortunately that's where the positives ended. Bar staff were sour faced continually forgetting our orders. 6 out of 8 meals were cold! One was sent back as the tacos were old and stale, then remade with more stale tacos. So much potential. Overpriced for much a dreadful experience.


But happy hour left us paying $38 for a couple of cocktails cosmopolitan and a mai tai, didnt think there was all that much happiness there.The menu changes every night, mexican, pizza, seafood etc, so the night we went to eat we could only get seafood which I had eaten 5 nights in a row so had to leave to find something else. Lovely setting.


We were staying at the Castaway Resort so it was very handy. The staff are really nice but the drinks are a little on the high side. I was especially surprised that the locally brewed beer was dearer than imported beers. It's a good location right on the lagoon, and a great spot to watch the sunset.

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