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te vara nui village

Te Vara Nui Village is the Cultural Centre of the Cook Islands offering 3...


We started with the tour of the village at Te Vara Nui, for which we learnt alot about the history and the protocols they hold. We then went on and proceeded to the dinner area, of which we ate several different foods (Man this was yummy) After our meal the show then begun. Amazing show, really enjoyed the story that was told through the dance. After this we then had our pudding, and we then got the chance to dance with the dancers. We were then able to take photos with the dancers if we wanted. Would recommend this a must see. Enjoyed our night.


The food, the information and the show were all very well done. They do push the drinks a little, but we had fun and enjoyed the whole evening.


We did the culture tour as well as the dinner/dance, can highly recommend both. The tour was interesting and followed by a delicious meal, with loads of food to choose from, with the completion of an excellent show. Recommend this to any new tourist to the area.


The tour was very informative and well presented. Food was terrific buffet was the highlight of our evening, the show was very high standard sharing the rarotongan culture with the tourists, We really enjoyed our night and even with us being on our honeymoon we got chosen to dance in front of everyone, but it was worth it. Great night. Worth paying the extra money to go on the tour before dinner, It seemed quite expensive but well worth it. Would recommend any tourists in rarotonga to go too this extravaganza. well worth it and staff are really friendly and helpful.


This seemed to be an expensive evening but in fact it was well worthwhile going; an excellent evening with plentiful food.


Food was terrific and the show was of a very high standard without losing it's traditional feel. The whole family enjoyed the show and there was more than enough food. Venue is very nicely put together and pretty.


The tour was very informative and well presented. The highlight for us was the dinner! Very tasty showcasing local food.


Great Polynesian Show. Very well organized. the food was less than my expectations. Not what you will get in Hawaii or Tahiti but palatable.


What do I say. The tour was nice and informative. Yes, a lot of talking, but I enjoyed it. The food was very good. I normally don't have high expectations from a buffet, but this was very delicious. The show afterwards was amazing.And then dessert, which was delicious as well.Would recommend!!


Came here on our second nite. The show was great and music and performance was enjoyable, the tour was a little on the long side and we where a little tired by the time the how ended. But overall it was a fun experience.


Kia Orana RobertMany thanks for taking the time to write a review about your recent visit to our Spectacular Overwater Night Show. It is a pleasure to hear that you enjoyed your evening with us!We have a wide variety of beverages available amongst them a range of beers including our local craft beer Matutu from a micro-brewery, being the most expensive. Also available are economical jugs of fruit juice for the family, to our highly popular cocktails and non-alcoholic mocktails. Our prices are very competitive within the local industry with something for everyone and every budget. Thank you once again for joining us at TeVara Nui, where you “become one with us”.Meitaki and Ka Kite,Management of TeVara Nui Village


I've attended numerous cultural shows across New Zealand, Fiji, Easter Island, Hawaii, and now the Cook Islands... and I have to say that this is probably the best show I've ever experienced!From the get-go, the shuttle bus picked us up at our accommodation as scheduled and took us to begin the 2-hour tour of Te Vara Nui's traditional village. The village was incredibly well-done! it was informative, interesting, captivating and engaging. Two guides took turns leading the group through various huts, which offered insight into different aspects of Cook Islander life and culture: History, the sacred Marae, traditional medicine, fishing, clothing and EVERYTHING about the multi-use coconut.After that professional, wonderful experience, we were taken to the dinning area where we enjoyed the delicious buffet dinner. Some of the food was cooked in an umu (underground oven) but we didn't get to see that. The meal itself was arguably the best food I've ever had at a cultural show anywhere in the South Pacific. The meal included: an incredible seafood chowder; numerous vegetable salads; a fantastic spicey pawpaw (papaya) salad; mouthwatering "Ika Mata" - the raw fish marinated in lime juice and coconut; as well as various excellently cooked fish, lamb and grilled chicken.After gorging ourselves until we felt uncomfortable, we sat back and enjoyed a wonderfully choreographed, well-practiced performance. The entire show progressed sequentially as it told a story. The performers were in shape, strong and always in sync with one another. The night was capped off with an impressive display of fire dancing!Very well done! Te Vara Nui, Keep up the Great Work!


A very well put together show. Excellent Food. Entertaining. Yes go with a large bottle of drinking water as you do pay allot for it at the Village.


A brilliant show of Polynesia and the story behind their culture. Entertaining and vibrant customs. Food was good and recommend, a little expensive but you would only do it once.


Everything goes so smooth, fantastic, dancing, commentaryFood, even Dessert afer the show, when you think it was all over.A show not to missif you are in Rarotonga

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